Earn points using TuneSick

Be rewarded for listening to music, and reward artists for producing music that you love.

TuneSick operates a points based rewards system whereby users earn points every time they download, purchase or upload a song, amongst other things. These points can then be used as credit in your account, it can be withdrawn to your bank account to spend as you wish.

1 point = £0.002

. Every time you upload a song (60 points)

. Each time you download a song (40 points)

. Purchase a new song (250 points)

. Upgrade to Pro (500 points)

. Create a new playlist (30 points)

. Each time you add a new song to a playlist (30 points)

. Upload profile picture - 1st time only (300 points)

Points will be stored in your account and you can request a withdrawal or use it as credit to upgrade or make purchases at any time. Minimum withdrawal amount is £10.00. Payments are made via PayPal. 

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